How Solar Works

By Solar Vast

There are vast amount of information on the internet today that explain how solar panels work in great detail. This brief article will describe the process in simple terms.

Electricity exists due to movement of very small, subatomic particles called electrons, moving from point A to point B. This movement is very similar to water flows from area of high elevation to lower elevation. When electrons flows, electric current is formed. Solar panels is made from silicon doped with other substances that make it easy for electrons to fall off when stroke with an energy source. This energy source is the sun energy.

When exposed to the sun, the electrons falls off and the special designs of the panel causes the electron to flow in one direction, resulting is electricity. This electricity current is captured by the equipment, as part of the solar system. Because this electricity current generated is a DC current, it must be converted in AC current to be used by household applications, that is why all solar systems contains an inverter that feeds the DC current generated from the solar panels and feeds the converted AC current into the electricity panels, which joins with the power coming from the utility companies.


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