I Have Converted to Solar, Now What?

By Solar Vast

Congratulation! You are now a member of the good citizens who are helping our environment to become a better living place. 

You have invested the time to learn the types of solar panels out there, compared installation and panel prices between different solar companies, and allocated some of your hard-earned money to get those solar panels on your roof. Now that the system is online and start to generate extra electricity that is design to lower your monthly energy bill, you shouldn’t just stop here and think that everything will just take care of itself on its own, with all the benefit that other have told you that will come with solar on the roof. Just like any other investments, investment in solar require routine review of your system and setup to make sure everything is working as your have expected.

Here are some key areas to look into as you reap the benefits of having solar panels on your roof for the year to come:

System Maintenance

At the time of this writing, the latest solar technologies requires virtually little or no maintenance for the entire duration of the covered warranty that claimed they’ll be in service. Typical residential or commercial solar panels are hard-mounted on metal frames inclined at a certain angle for maximum exposure to sunlight. The setup requires no moving parts that will rust or break down. Usually all it takes is to hose down the panels with a regular garden hose a few times each year during summer time to get rid of dust buildup and keeping leaves off them in the fall. It is best to do so in the early morning or late evening to avoid cold water on hot panels, risking cracking of panels.

In areas experiencing a lot of smog, dust, or dirt, routine cleaning might be required to keep panels clean and clear for maximum absorption of sunlight. Use spongy squeegee on a long pole, clean the tampered glass surface with soapy water is adequately enough to get the job done.

Check Your Electricity Bill

It is important to check your utility bills and monitor your energy usage for every household. It is even more important to monitor your electricity bills after you’ve installed your panels to make sure that the investment on the panels are reflecting on the bills with positive notions. While this is not applicable to all property owners who have installed solar panels, some people will receive credit from their electricity company for the extra power they have generated but not used and has been feed back to the grid. Most of us will see a deduction in our monthly utility bill after the system is doing its work. After all, that’s the main reason why we’ve switched to solar in the first place, right?

Read the Solar Warranties inside out

Thing doesn’t always go as planned. When the unexpected does happen, you will want to have a go-to place to find solutions for the problem. Modern solar system are designed to work for a long time, usually 25 years. The manufacturers are confident in their product and throw in a 25 year product warranty that guarantee the performance of the panels will be as claimed. While it is nice to see that confidence which will give you peace of mind trusting the system will continue to function as it should, you will also want to know what if something went wrong, who’s got you covered. Read the warranty documents inside out and find out if you will be covered for any product defects, new panels replaced free of charge, perhaps.

Same thing goes for workmanship warranty that protects customers against defective panel parts at the time of installation. You will want everything to work together nicely as a whole. If a simple defective wiring is at fault that causes the system to break down, you don’t want to be the one putting in extra cash to get the system back online. You yourself need to make sure every part of the system is well taken care of by the professionals to whom you have pay to get the job done. If not, then they need to make sure it gets corrected on their own expenditure.

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