I’ve Decided to Get Solar Panels for My Roof, How Do I Choose a Company?

By Solar Vast

Now that you’ve finally made up your mind over yes or no question to solar, it’s time to find a reputable solar company who will not only get the job done, but also make your whole experience with solar investment much more pleasant.

With the recent solar industry booming due to government incentives and great number of financing options available from the banking industry, there are a lot more players out there, and in turn, make selection from among the choices available quite an insurmountable task for everyday consumer like you and me.

Here are a few suggestion to think about as you begin your search:

It is always a good idea to start with those around you who have already installed solar panels on their roof. Often time your friend has done a fair share of due diligent beforehand, combined with his/her experience during the whole installation process, the feedback from such people can be much more practical and realistic than any recommendations from a salesperson or a few hours of reading on the web. The next source to go to would be to read as much as you can about what others have reviewed across different solar companies. Having such knowledge on hand will more likely to get you started in the right direction as you do more of your research.

Request multiple quotations from different companies can give you a good understanding of price spectrum and you can also engage in conversations between different solar companies and perhaps at this point based on the conversation you might already know who offers politeness and is informative, which are often critical later on when it comes to customer service.
The installer should also be able to explain the difference between the different brands of solar panel and the pros and cons of solar panel they used. They should also explain the type of inverter they used and answer any question you might have regarding the system installed so that you might better know how it worked, and later on when something went wrong, how to do a quickly diagnose yourself and who to get to get the problem resolved.

The installer should also be properly certified. By exhibiting the appropriate certification while the installer services your solar panel provide you the assurance that your solar system is installed carefully and correctly. Always ask your installer to show proof of certification before performing any kind of work. Currently in North America the Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is one of the most reputable certification programs for solar heating and solar PV installers.

Lastly, your solar installer should be knowledgeable enough to advice you upfront given your unique circumstance which financing options are available to you and to give you enough information to decide which one is more suitable to you. In the recent years, increasing government incentives for renewable energy and the increasing awareness for recent green house effect that spurts out multiple efforts to reduce carbon footprint has also encouraged more financial institutions who together made financing for solar systems more affordable. Everyone homeowner should be able to find a package suitable to their need.

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