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SunPower by Solar Vast is a licensed and certified solar contractor and dealer specializing in residential and commercial solar photovoltaic installation. Solar Vast holds both Building and Electrical State Contractors’ Licenses and maintains many city jurisdictions’ business licenses across the state.

Solar Vast has designed and built over 50 megawatts of commercial and residential photovoltaic systems all over the Southern California area and constantly growing and contracting more projects on a daily basis. The company also provides different types of financial and leasing programs available to all property owners. Solar Vast is a proud partner of SunPower.

We are excited to be part of the SunPower team and very much look forward to serving our community around us. We uphold ourselves with high integrity and never cut corners. We give our customers the support that they need throughout the whole process. We truly do value our customers and thank them for allowing us to help them go solar with the best equipment in the world. We will continue to stand by quality and always deliver the best. We treat our customers like family. Always there, ready to help!

In 2017, our Rancho Cucamonga facility opened. New address is 8727 Lanyard Court, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.

Solar Vast

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