I have to say I was very hesitant about installing a solar system on my house. Some of my friends have installed solar with big name companies such as Solar City or Verengo and they all had such horrible and horrendous experiences. I heard their processes took so long and nobody would know what was going on!! But my electric bill is so high! ($500) I can’t stand the heat so I have to constantly have the AC on.

So I just called around and found SunPower by Solar Vast. They’re not as big as Solar City, but their customer service is impeccable. They helped me and explained everything in detail. I also can tell they’re not lying or bs-ing about some details.

During the installation, there were some construction issues that I didn’t like. They put all the piping outside on my walls and I thought it was so ugly. I told them I wanted to change it, so the installer guy so nicely told me he would do it for free. He moved it around so it was completely hidden under the eaves. I walked outside and saw that I couldn’t really tell where it was. They even painted it the same color!

The installation was so fast and they installed my monitor and taught me how to use it. I could even use it on my phone app! SunPower is also super nice, they sent me all the updated emails on what process and step I was on. The entire installation was super fast too! They just completed everything in 2 days and they even passed the city inspection on the second day. And the very next week, I got to turn it on!

I’m so satisfied with my entire process and really recommend anybody to go with SunPower by Solar Vast. They even offer constant referral programs and deals. I got $1,000 cash just for referring some people!

Daisy W. – Arcadia, CA


I just got my solar system installed and it was extremely fast. After I signed the contract, they installed the system within 3 weeks and then I got to turn it on the very next week. I heard really bad things about solar systems and other solar companies and how slow they were. But SunPower by Solar Vast is super efficient and their customer service is great! They even made my new electric bill $0! So I don’t even pay for electricity anymore!! I only just pay the $100 monthly payment. It’s way better than a $400 bill! The money I save can just go to other things like shopping or food for my kids! They even installed a clean monitor for free so I can look at it on my iphone. They also promised me a 20 year warranty and there was a couple times the system was down, but they fixed it within a week. SunPower even reimbursed me for my inconvenience and for the time it was down! My experience was just amazing and I’m so happy I could just save on my electric bill and not worry about it anymore for the rest of my life!

Natalie K. – San Gabriel, CA


My mom is always complaining about the electricity bill. Richard why don’t you get a job?? Help me with the electric bill!  Turn off your TV if you’re not using it!! I’m 23 years old and I got tired of it, what can I say, I’m a gamer at heart. I looked up how to reduce costs and Solar Vast popped up in my area. I called them to get some more info and they let me know they could help my ma save money and they had a promotion going on at the time. Not only did we get solar but I got a sweet Apple Watch out of it. Now I can game and keep track of time. My friends are jealous about my new Apple Watch but I told them how they could score a free one. Sign up before they run out!

Richard E. – Walnut, CA


I finally am able to say that my home is a green building. My family and I are very happy to know that we are saving money every single day. I had a lot of solar proposals from different companies and it was so confusing. They gave me the PPA, the purchase and the lease option. Thankful​ly SunPower by Solar Vast explained to me the benefits of all the options and am very happy with the lease. It’s covered by SunPower’s guarantee and the customer service provided by Solar Vast was excellent. They kept me updated on every step of the project and before I knew it, the system was installed!

Thank you SunPower and Solar Vast!

Ralph L. – West Covina, CA


SunPower has the top panels around, there’s no second guessing that. I took my time to research about solar companies and saw so many negative reviews about them. My cousin had installed solar and he recommended me to Solar Vast. He told me that they recently became a SunPower master dealer and they gave him a good price. I called them expecting to be treated rudely but was surprised how nice and patient they were with me. I had TONS of questions but they always answered all of them and even added extra information that I didn’t know. I am now saving $210 a month and plan on using my savings on a well-earned vacation. I am glad I choose SunPower by Solar Vast. I recommended my friends and they have already signed up as well.

Thank you Solar Vast!

Robert D. – Huntington Beach, CA


I wanted to save money but I didn’t want to cut corners. I looked for American companies because I trust them. I have an American car (Chevy), I live in America, and gosh darn it I love the U.S.A. I saw two major companies that stood out amongst the rest, SunPower and Solarworld. I want reliability and great customer service. SunPower delivers that and more. To cut this story short, SunPower recommended me a trusted company called Solar Vast. I spoke to Jerry and asked him confusing questions. I wanted to see if this company really knew their stuff. By the end of the conversation, I actually learned something new. I told him what I was looking for and he got back to me right away. He made the process quick and also let me customize the system to my liking. I didn’t want it facing the back yard because I wanted to show off my investment. Not only do I get to brag but now I can save up for my dream car, 1972 Chevy Nova. Thanks for helping me Jerry, I’m going to send your contact info to my friends. Thanks Alot!

Timothy P. – San Gabriel, CA


Solar Vast was right around the corner for me. I walked in without an appointment and was greeted respectfully and even given some nice hot tea. I didn’t know anything about solar but I wanted to save money. With the lease, it is $0 down and I was able to lock in my rate for the next 20 years. They told me SunPower was the best and I told them prove it. They showed me what’s inside of a solar panel and even showed how the cheap ones compare. The cheap one broke into a million pieces, while the SunPower panel did not break! I told them I didn’t want to waste any more time and signed up. One month later, it was installed. It looked good on my roof and my salesman came to make sure everything was okay. He even brought me some bread from a local bakery.

Chung Z. – West Covina, CA


What can I say? Solar Vast made it easy for me to install solar on my house. I paid NOTHING out of pocket and now I’m saving money. With what I am saving, I am taking my wife out for another honeymoon. Solar Vast, you are the best! Thanks.

Michael B. – El Monte, CA


I liked how solar looked, that was the bottom line. I was spending about 180-220 on my bill but now I’m only paying for the solar system which is 95 bucks. My Edison bill comes out to a few dollars and that’s only because I need to pay to be connected. I think it’s the utility companie’s way of getting back at me for installing solar. HA take that, you can’t raise your ridiculous rates on me anymore!! Thanks Solar Vast!

James M. – Rowland Heights, CA