You have decided to go solar, but how should you pay for it?

At SunPower by Solar Vast we offer a variety of financing options, making the switch to solar a possibility for everyone.



SunPower by Solar Vast’s customers benefit from multiple financing options


  • SunPower Capital owns the system on your roof.
  • You pay a flat monthly amount to “rent” the system and use the energy you produce.
  • Your lease plus remaining utility bill are lower than your previous electric bill.
  • System performance is guaranteed for 20 years. If something breaks, we’ll fix it!
  • When you sell your home, you can assign your lease to the new owner. SunPower by Solar Vast facilitates the process.


  • You own your solar system and pay for it with a loan.
  • The combination of the loan payment + remaining utility bill is less than your previous electric bill.
  • You get to keep the tax credits and local incentives
  • Both short and long term financing available
  • Click here to learn more about the different types of loans offered.


  • You own the system and the energy!
  • A home equity loan can also be used and may be tax-deductible.
  • Over time, your system will pay for itself with savings on your utility bills!


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Different Loan Programs from our Partners


hero program

Hero Program

HERO, which stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, is an award winning financing program designed to fund home improvement upgrades.

HERO partners with local government, offers financing amount based on an assessment of the property value. Borrower may borrow up to 10% of the property value, with fixed rates and flexible terms of 5-20 years. HERO program does not need credit score for approval. Approvals are primarily based on equity value of the property and borrower’s debt payment history. In addition, if the property is transferred before HERO assessment is paid in full, any remaining value maybe transferred to the next owner.
Go to the website to learn more.

admirals bank

Admirals Bank
A conventional financing lender, Admirals Bank offers flexible loan terms and low interest rates solar loans designed to finance home improvement upgrades. The lender’s Solar StepDown Loan requires no equity or appraisal on the property, no prepayment penalties. Interest payment and insurance fees maybe be tax deductible. The new flagship program, SolarPlus Loan, now offers unsecured same-as-cash loan for 30% of the system cost. Home owners are permit no interest, no payment for the first 18 months from the date of the funding. Visit the website today or call a bank representative to find out more.


bank usa



EnerBankUSA offers 100% financing for home improvement upgrades without using your property as collateral. Totally unsecured loans with low, fixed interest rates. Customers have the option to pay no interest if full balance is paid within a 12 month period. Perfect for home and business owners who intends to pay off total project in a year.


ygrene energy fund




Ygrene Energy Fund

Ygrene Energy Fund provides 100% home improvement financing, with no upfront money down, for property grades.

Cost of project is spread out over terms of up to 20 years, and is repaid through property taxes. Interest Payments made through property taxes bills are tax deductible. You can achieve up to 50% of savings over traditional financing when tax and energy savings are factored in.

Ygrene Energy Fund does not require credit score or financial documents to qualify.


CaliforniaFirst Efficiency Financing



CaliforniaFirst Efficiency Financing

CaliforniaFirst partners with your local government, provide upfront funding to residential and business owners for property and energy saving upgrades. CaliforniaFirst does not require credit score for selection criteria and require no money down to qualify.

You can borrow Up to 15% of your property value, select payment plan of up to 25 years. The interest paid on the assessment is tax deductible, and the upgrade on your property increases property value and you can reap the benefits of a more energy efficient home.


FigTree Financing




FigTree Financing

FigTree Financing provides 100% financing for HVAC, solar, lighting and more. FigTree financing allows up to 20% of a property’s value to be financed for energy related upgrades. Long term, fixed low interest financing makes it cost effective and easy to improve property upkeep, while preserving precious capital for other projects.


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