Let’s Simplify Solar!

Solar should be easy and that’s how the experts at SunPower by Solar Vast make it. With installations completed as quick as a month, going solar with SunPower is hassle free.

SunPower by Solar Vast offers the best turnkey solution for you and your family.

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SunPower Equinox™: Powerfully Complete Home Solar


Reliable. Powerful. Beautiful Aesthetics.

By going solar with SunPower, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you made the right decision. SunPower offers the highest efficiency panels on the market. Not only that but it is also backed by the best warranty available. 25/25/25, bumper to bumper protection.


Industry’s Only 25 Year Warranty Covering Product and Power

Home Solar

These options are available for you

Some may ask, “Using the best equipment on the market equals a really expensive product.” With SunPower, that’s not the case. You can have SunPower on your home at a $0 out of pocket cost. Whether you are leasing the system or purchasing the system, SunPower has you covered. It’s never been easier to have the best solar panels on the market, than now.


With a company that’s 100% focused on solar for well over 30 years, you can feel confident that by choosing SunPower—it’s the best option for you and your family.

Home Solar

Always Stay updated

Home Solar

SunPower allows you to monitor your production and consumption wirelessly.

Whether you have a cell phone, laptop or tablet- SunPower makes it easy.

SunPower allows you to save more

What will you do with your savings?
Electric car?
Or put more money in the bank?

What’s the whole process look like?


1.Free consultation
Its free to know how solar system will work for your home
Our professional solar consultant will create a custom solar design and detailed solar proposal for you.

Unmatched Reliability
We work with local solar installation companies who have well-experience of constructions.

Time to operate solar system
After inspections are completed and final connections are made to your local utility.

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Trusted companies such as Apple, FedEx, and Google have already gone solar with SunPower.

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