Sunpower "All-In-One" System

Exactly what it sounds like: the complete package. With the solar panels comes racking, a complete monitoring system and it's monitoring software - all under one warranty. This intuitive setup links all of it's internal elements - from the panels, to the monitoring.

Exclusive Package Benefits

  • Includes the industry’s only complete-system warranty
  • More power, less space
  • Gets rid of unnecessary hardware and utility boxes on exterior walls

Durability of the Maxeon® Solar Cell

Behind each system is the Maxeon® solar cell, crafted with a solid copper base. Built to withstand the harshest of conditions, guaranteed to deliver decades of productivity.

"All-in-One" Warranty

  • Includes the installation of new parts
  • 25 year coverage, 25 year power decline
  • Includes the removal of any defective part

Pay as You Go

Pay for the power your system generates at a lower rate than your utility company can offer, and pay back your solar system at the same time.

25-Year Warranty

Including 24/7 monitoring and protection. We've got your back.

Quality Installation

Our experienced team will make sure your system is secure, up and running after installation.

"Solar Vast provided me and my family with excellent professional services. We have been able to see a tremendous amount of savings since we installed our solar panels last year."

Frequently Asked Questions: Equinox System

What's included in the SunPower "All-in-One" System package?

Equinox Storage is comprised of two boxes, the energy storage system and Hub+. Additionally, all customers receive access to SunPower's mobile app to view their performance and manage system settings.

Is there a competitive Warranty?

Yes. SunPower provides a 10 year warranty for Equinox Storage as part of the Complete Confidence Warranty—the same warranty that covers your SunPower® solar system.

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