SunPower’s solar carports are designed by a team of experts, working to help you reduce your energy costs and increase the value of your real estate - so that you can become a more reputable company.

What is a Carport?

Solar carports are solar canopies built overhead parking lots, very similar to a ground mount solar panel. The biggest difference between a solar carport and a typical ground mount installation is that carports are above the ground, making space for a car to park - and eliminating the need for additional space to generate energy.

Increased Value

Not only can SunPower help you take advantage of space being used up already, but also add more value by adding in extra features such as water management systems that promote storm water runoff to be re-used in onsite irrigation.

Flexible Options

With little space, solar rooftop installation is limited. SunPower’s robust portfolio of carport solutions can help meet your energy needs no matter the amount of space you have.

Unmatchable User Experience

Employees and customers enjoy the simple luxury of shaded parking, shielding their vehicles from heat, snow, ice and rain. Add-ons such as EV charging stations and integrated lighting offer them even more value.


  • Adaptable to a pre-existing commercial site or parking facility  
  • Produces clean energy and shade
  • Gives off valuable lighting at night to aid care owners
  • Increases safety
  • Gains you benefits from your federal tax credits