It’s necessary to respect social distancing guidelines in our work environment, and on your roof. Here’s how we’re able to meet your needs while keeping everyone safe. Check with your local state and government to see if there are any restrictions on roofing may conflict with your project.

Initial Consultation

Get in touch via your phone or computer, and choose a roofer who follows social distancing guidelines.

Measurement and Inspection

Digital tools (e.g. satellite images, drones) are standard for roofers during the measurement and inspection stage.

Shingle Selection

Samples can be delivered to you or you can preview our shingle selection onine from the comfort of your home.

Proposal and Payment

Proposals and contracts can be signed virtually through modern apps, or even mailed physically.


Most often, a roof installation job can be completed 1-2 days without a anyone entering your house.

We're Here With You Every Step of the Way.

If you have any hesitations, feel free to send us a message and we'd be happy to discuss custom safety protocols for your project.